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How can you make a difference?

Come join us in our mission to make our young internet users safe and responsilbe. You could donate any one of the following and we will send you details on how your money was utilised. You could donate:

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To enable all individuals, especially students, promote responsible internet behaviour and stay safe online.


To motivate and inspire every individual to be safe online.

why our work matters

Internet Safety is a life skill, because it is necessary or desirable for full participation in everyday life. once. Safe internet usage, once learnt, becomes a life-long habit, similar to riding a bicycle or swimming!

our team

We are a group of friends, aka mothers. We started our NGO 10 years ago when we had begun to notice that our own children were venturing into online spaces, completely oblivious of the risks around them. That's when we educated ourselves, spoke to our children and slowly reached out to larger groups of students.


Regd No. 69185
12A and 80G Registration