'Cyber Safety for Everyone' - a comprehensive guide book

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Children's online life is different from those of grown-ups, if their online safety is a constant worry this book is a great resource to use. It tells you the kind of trouble children can get into, when they are online, and suggests simple yet effective ways to deal with such situations. JaagoTeens has written the book based on their live interactions with students and most of the examples given here are true incidents.

"Cyber Safety for Everyone". Order the first or second edition of the book on on Amazon.

Not Fooled by Furphies - in English & Hindi

Furphies - eng and hindi-bkgd

"Not Fooled by furphies" by Leena Gurg, a story book published by National Book Trust. Hindi translation of the book is also available at NBT in the Nehru Bal Pustakalaya section . The story was aired on AIR in July, 2020 and this can be heard by clicking here.

Contact NBT to order the story book

Internet Safety Board Game

Internet Safety board game - to teach safety rules through a fun game

Internet Safety board game (with design help from NID, Ahmedabad) is a fun way to teach and reiterate the message of safe internet usage to young users (9 years and above). We have used the game successfully with several hundred school students and at the end of the game the average retention of the safety messages was close to 90%. Contact us for a minimum order of 5 boxes

Price of the game is Rs.300/-. Game be used repeatedly and shared with friends and family.

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A JaagoTeens presentation

Click here to download a JaagoTeens workshop. For detailed explanation of the slides and more information please refer to our book 'Cyber Safety for Everyone'.

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