Internet Safety for School students

Jaagoteens has addressed close to 1.2 lakh students and teachers using varied teaching methods. We've done 400 workshops at schools and colleges and several events at World Book Fair, Bal Bhavan, Raahgiri etc. JaagoTeens, a Registered Society, was born eleven years ago in April 2010 when we noticed that the youth in India are delving into internet space without being aware that the Internet holds not just positive, but also negative elements. We hope Gen Z or the Zoomers are able to transform themselves into digitally empowered netizens by learning how to use the Internet Safely and Responsibly.

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cyber complaint
Cyber complaints

Cybercrime is defined as any unlawful act where computer or communication device or computer network is used to commit or facilitate the commission of crime. To report cybercrime click here.


These are applicable to Internet-related crimes: * The Information Technology Act, 2000, the primary law in India dealing with cybercrime and e commerce. * The Indian Penal Code, covers various crimes. * The POCSO Act, 2012, a comprehensive law for the protection of children

it rules
IT Rules 2021

These guidelines have been issued by the Government for Social media intermediaries (such as FaceBook, WhatsApp, Twitter), publishers of news and current affairs content and OTT platforms.
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AI in Cyber Security

Artificial Intelligence(AI) plays an important role in cyber safety. Some examples are * Your email service automatically marks pesky, unwanted emails as spam * You can unlock your phone or laptop using facial recognition * You know of a tool that can spot a deepfake video

Teaching Methods

After each workshop, we had a detailed discussion amongst our team. We carefully recorded the participants reactions and based on them continuously modified and developed our teaching methods.

Scope of workshops/Teaching methods

Our workshops are focussed, yet extremely child-friendly, interactive and engaging, we discuss these fundamental issues, choosing a combination of issues depending on the age group of the target audience

We talk about
- Staying away from online abuse and steps to deal with cyber abuse.
- Protecting Personal Information
- Perils of Cyberbullying
- identifying and keeping online predators at a distance
- User names and password protection
- IT Act 2008 and women-centric laws for online safety
- Avoiding plagiarism and copyright violation
- Online Payments through trusted websites only

In March 2014, we trained employees of Uninor. Mr Morten Karlsen Sorby, CEO, acknowledged on Page 5 of their Report: “I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the support given by our partner JaagoTeens who helped us formulate this programme for children”. ( )